ML trip to New York

Washington Square Park

Hi readers, I am now in New York, a city that never sleeps and one of the cities where many great-mind in science reside (many great machine learners also live here).

It is good to be here. I will take this opportunity to interact with people who are working in different fields, such as astrophysics, particle physics, computer vision, etc, and hopefully learn something new.

The primary goal of this trip is to visit my advisor, Prof. Bernhard Scholkopf, who is visiting NYU for three months and to finish our nips paper. Also, another goal is to continue a collaboration with David Hogg and Jo Bovy on quasar target selection and see if we can continue our collaboration in another direction.

I started on Monday when Dustin Lang from CMU also visited David and Bernhard for three days to work on something about image denoising. I am very impressed by how much job they could get done in three days. Bernhard also told me about the idea of inferring the CCD sensitivity from image patches, which I find very interesting. Dustin also took us to the company where one of his friends works called Etsy. It's website company that sells hand-made stuffs. We had a quick tour inside the company and the office is quite relaxing.

While everyone was busy, I tried my best to finish the first draft for our nips paper. It's now in its final shape.

Think Coffee

On Friday, we hanged out with Will Freeman from MIT. I met Will at the Astroimaging workshop in Switzerland. We spent the whole morning together with Bernhard, David, Rob, Ross, etc, discussing random stuffs. Will then gave a talk in the afternoon about his work on image/motion amplification. It's very cool stuffs.

I am now looking forward to another exciting week.

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